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Spa , Thai massage & healt care
There is spa and Thai massage centers near the training camp, the visitor can go there when free from training course. Lots of services are available such as Sauna & jacuzzi pool , Thai Massage ,Oil Massage , Foot Massage ,Scrub , Facail Treatment , Aloe Cooler Body Mask and Body Wrap .
The activities which are appreciated by boxers are sauna and swimming, which cost approximately 100 Baht. Thai massage for muscle relaxation costs approximately 200 Baht for 1 hours. Thai massage is becoming more common to the world along with Muay Thai.

Spa & swimming pool Thai massage Foot massage Sauna room

Information : Let nature & Thai herbs make you feel true relaxation.
Traditional Thai Massage : The Thai's secret of restoring the natural flow body energies and balancing pressures and pains on muscles and organs. Relax under the supple hands of our well-trained staff.
Oil Massage : Following a personal consolation, our aroma therapist will blend the oils to suit your individual needs a light pressure massage to promote self-healing
Foot Massage Foot massage is a pressure-point massage focusing on particular nerve positions on the feet that correspond to specific organs.
Baths, Scrubs and Wraps: Guests may experience the relaxing, exfoliating and nourishing properties of baths, scrubs and wraps

Muay Thai Camp & Boxing Training in Phuket, Thailand
Suwit Gym ( Muay Thai camp ) 15 Moo 1 , Choa Fa Rd , T. Chalong , A. Muang , Phuket , Thailand , 83130 
Tel . (66) 76 374313

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