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Rule of Muay Thai or Thai Boxing ( Thailand )


Must be done according to the following rules:
1. Wins by Knock Out is the contestant falls on the floor or stands holding the rope losing consciousness on the rope, cannot fight or protect himself within 10 seconds, i.e. when the Referee counts upto 10.
2. Wins by Technical Knock Out is as follows:
  - When the opponent is disadvantaged and badly injured and may be more dangerous.
  - When any boxer cannot perform his fight, after interval during the rounds.
  - Or if the boxer is injured, i.e.
       1. When the referee considers the wound not less than 2 cm. (Appoximately 3 stitches)
       2. In case the Referee is not sured, he may consult the stadium doctor.
3. Winning by points. After fight enda, the Referee collects his own recording card and from the judges at both sides, and decides the boxer who tets most points is the winner.
4. In case both boxers received severe injureis, so that both of them cannot perform the fight, and have agreed to get the results before the fight, if the fight, has been performed not more than half of the specified round, the decision will be draw, if the fight more than half of the specifien round, the decision will be accounding to the points.
5. The winning by the contestant is to be lost, i.e. his opponent does not fight according to the rules so that the Referee decides him to lose the fight with or without any warning before.
6. No decision. When the boxer is decided a "No contest" both or any side, the fight will be declared as "No decision" such as, any boxer has fought with the attempt to lost or both agree with one another or damage to the stadium, the audiences are not in peace so that the fight cannot be continued.
7. If the decision of the decision of the decision Committee cause the audiences are not in peace So That the fight cannot be continued The sodium or Chief of technic section decide as a no contest and delayed "No Contest"


1. There are 5 points in a round. The best boxer will get full 5 points, and his opponent is reduce \ cede by 4?, 4, 3?, 3 accordingly, and not to give points as 4? or 4 1/3.
2. In the draw round, he will get 5 points each.
3. The loser in the not clear round will get 4? points, the winner gets 5 points.
4. The loser in the clear round will get 4 points, the winner will get 5 points.
5. The loser that has clearly seen all the round, with least opposition, fallen down and scramble up again and is counted will get 3? points, the winner gets 5 points.
6. The loser who has done for through the round and is counted twice in one round will get 3? points, the winner gets 5 points.
7. The giving of points will be considered according to the following rules:
8. Any boxer uses Muay Thai weapons (fist, Kick, Knee, elbow) according to the rules, against his opponent more is the winner.
9. Any boxer uses Muay Thai weapons against his opponent severely, clearly, violently, badly injured at most important parts is the winner.

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