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Muay Thai Training in Thailand , Phuket :

Rule of Muay Thai or Thai Boxing ( Thailand )


1. Three judges must sit at each side of the ring separate from the audiences.
2. Each judge is free in consider points within the rules.
3. The judges must pay attention to both the boxers only.
4. The judges must give points to each boxer in points recording card, after end of each round. Then total up the points after the fight and write the name of the winner with his signature in the points recording card, then give to the Referee.
5. The points announcing will be done only in Championship title contest.


The specify duty of the Time-Keeper is to keep time of each round, amount of round, interval time during the round, and stopping time when the Referee gives signal without mistake by following procedures:
1. Must sit on one side of the ring.
2. Seconds before each round, must clear the ring by giving signal to let the seconds out of the ring.
3. Giving signal of starting - ending each round by striking the bell.
4. Stopping the time while temporary pause or when the Referee orders.
5. Keeping correct time every period by portable watch or stop-watch.
6. Giving manual signal to the Referee every seconds the Referee counts when the boxer is fallen down.
7. At the end of the round which is not final, if there is a boxer falling or the Referee is counting, when the time finishes (3 min.), the bell must not be striked, the striking of bell when the Referee order "Box"
8. At the end of final round, if there is a fallen boxer and the Referee is counting, when the time finishes (3 min.), the Time-Keeper must strike the bell immediately.

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