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Rule of Muay Thai or Thai Boxing ( Thailand )


1. The Referee has the power to do in the ring.
2. To stop the fight when considers that one has skill more than the other.
3. To stop the fight when considers that the contestant has received severe injury so that he cannot continue the fight.
4. To stop the fight when considers that the contestant does not really fight. In this case, the referee may stop one contestant or both.
5. In any round of the fight, if the boxer is counted, & is ordered to box and after though consideration that the counted boxer does not fully perform the fight, the Referee has the right to stop the fight.
6. To stop the fight to warn the boxer when be does not box according to the rules or by other reasons, thus to make justice in the fight and to reakky do according to the rules.
7. To let the disobey boxer out of the fight.
8. To let the disobey boxer second out of the fight and if reasonable, may let the contestant out of the fight also. (The boxer must responsible his own seconds)
9. To let the foul boxer out of the fight, whether being warned or not, or if considers that such deed is to let him be defeated by foul.
10. The decision of h \ the referee in final without any appeal.
11. In case the referee has made wrong decision, he can re-decied to correct according to points recording cards.


1. When any boxer falls out of the ring, the referee can count immediately.
  - If the boxer falls out of the ring, the Referee will count. If count upto 20, the fallen boxer cannot come up on the ring, he will be lost by K.O.
  - If the fallen boxer can come up on the ring before counting upto 20, he can continue the fight without losing the points counted.
2. When any boxer falls out of the ring is opposed by the audiences or held up not to go up the ring, the Referee will stop counting and clearly warn and continue counting.
3. When both the boxers fall out of the ring, the Referee will begin counting, if any boxer tries to hold up by any mean, will stop counting and clearly warn the continue counting. If that boxer does not listen, fines him as lost.
4. When the boxers fall on the floor by any mean, the Referee separated the boxers first and stands in the middle and beginning counting.
5. In case of both boxers are counted, if one can stand up, stop counting that one and counts the still fallen boxer.

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