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Muay Thai Training in Thailand , Phuket :

Rule of Muay Thai or Thai Boxing ( Thailand )


1. The Referee has the duty to control the fight in the ring according to the rules with justice during the fight.
2. Has the full power in decision solely, nobody can object it.
3. Advises the contestant or boxer seconds who do not perform according to the rules.
4. The Referee must not give points.
5. Collects & checks total of points in points recording cards of the 3 judges after the fight ends, and decide according to the most points & give the points recording cards to the chief of decision.
6. The Referee must use 3 orders i.e.
  - STOP when he wants the boxers to stop the fight.
  - BREAK when he wants the boxers to separate.
  - BOX when he wants the boxers to continue the fight.
In the case of the referee orders to break, the contestants must separate themselves first at least one step, then they can continue the fight.
7. The Referee must point out some rules to the contestants & chief of the boxer seconds before commencing the first round.


The Referee has duty to control the match according to the rules with justice.

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