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Muay Thai Training Camp in Thailand:

Rule of Muay Thai or Thai Boxing ( Thailand )


Each contestant has the fight to have 2 boxer seconds and must be under the following rules:
1. The boxer seconds will not advise, help or support their contestant during the round in the fight.
2. The boxer seconds will not give up the fight for the contestant by throwing sponge or towel into the ring, except there is special agreement.
3. During the fight is going on, both the boxer seconds and their assistant will not standing at the edge of the ring. Before starting each round, the boxer seconds must take towel, bucket etc. out from the edge of the ring.
4. The boxer seconds of both corners must dress politely.
5. If it is a Championship fight, 3 boxer seconds are allowed.
6. If the boxer seconds or assistant violate the above rules, the may be blamed, and may be decided not tot be the boxer seconds of that fight. For the contestant, the referee may warm or blame or decide to be defeated.


There are 4 members, 1 Referee and 3 Judges. The above mentioned member must be well learned and studied, and have experience in doing their duties.

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