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Rule of Muay Thai or Thai Boxing ( Thailand )


The width of bandage not exceeding 2 inches and the length of each side not to exceed the following limit:
1. From Mini Flyweight to Feather weight not exceeding 10 yards (2 rolls of bandages)
2. Plaster can be used to cover not exceeding 1 packet, or the contestants will agree themselves. And not to cove the fist bone, if agreeable not to exceed 1 packet, and the width of the plaster not to exceed 1 inch, the length not to exceed 5 yards (1 packet).


The contestants must dress as follows:
1. The protector must be worn and wearing trunks according to the colour of the corner. Not to wear cloth and shoes. Keep polite hair-style, and cleanly shaved. Nails must be cut and short. The superstitious magical substances can be tied on the upper arms or waist, but not to be dangerous to the opponent.
2. The ankle can be used not exceeding one on each leg.
3. Belt and anything which is metal is not allowed.
4. Using of vaseline or anything which will be dangerous or diskle on the face, arms or on upper portion of the body are not allowed.
5. A sacred cord must be worn on the head and one has to pay homage.

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Muay Thai Camp & Boxing Training in Phuket, Thailand
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