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Rule of Muay Thai or Thai Boxing ( Thailand )


The fight not according to rules and fouls is as follows:
1. Bite, stab eyes, spit his opponent, stick out the tongue, strike with head.
2. To embrace of to throw down or lock arms his opponents.
3. Holding the rope or trying to hold the rope for his fight and any other benefits.
4. Pretend to fall over his opponent or repeat against his opponent who has been fallen down.
5. Using judo and wrestling styles.
6. Using unsuitable words during the fight.
7. In case the fight is going on and there is embracing, when the Referee orders to stop, but both or one boxer do not do according to his order, let the Referee stops the fight any gives warning, or order to out point. If such fight caused knock out to the contestant or received severe injury, the disobeyed boxer is lost by foul means.
8. Kneeing the protector purposely, i.e. catch the neck & kneeing the protector, kneeing the protector or throwing knee at the protector. (In consideration of the Referee whether purposely or not)


1. If any part of the body touch the floor except the feet, or standing unconsciously on the rope, or is boxed out of the rope, or standing unconsciously with opened eyes & falling hands with usability to protect himself, will consider that boxer as being fallen down
2. In case any boxer as being fallen down 1 second, the Referee will begin counting, let his opponent steps back to the farthest carner immediately. If he does not step back as ordered, the Referee must stop counting until that boxer does according to order , then the Referee will continue counting from the previous count. When the fallen boxer stands up and is order to box from the Referee. He then can continue his fight.
3. When any boxer is fallen down, the Referee counts loudly from 1 to 10 withinterval of 1 second counting. The Referee must give hand signal also so that the fallen boxer knows that he is counted. Before counting 1, the period from falling to the floor 1 second, then begins counting 1.
4. If the fallen boxer can stand up before the referee counts to 10 and he is ready to fight, then he can continue to fight. But if the referee has counted up to 10, the fight is finished and decides the fallen boxer lost by "K.O."
5. IF both the boxers and fallen, the Referee continues counting all the time any boxer still fallen down. If both of tem still fallen down up to counting to 10, the decision is a draw, if there is no other agreement.
6. During the Referee is counting, but not yet up to 8, the counted boxer whether ready to fight or not, the Referee must count up to 8 then he can order to "BOX"
7. If the fallen boxer can stand up before counting to 10, but fallen again without being boxed, the Referee will continue his count from the counted number.
8. If any boxer cannot perform his fight after the interval has finished, will be counted or not being in the consideration of the Referee.

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