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BestMuayThai News: 2015-12-12

The news of Suwit muay thai by on December 01
Muay Thai and A Good Place to Start Practicing
Muay Thai is expanding all over the world, and today there are thousands people that want to try this discipline. Thailand is the birthplace of Muay Thai and understandably it is a place where many thrill-seekers are traveling and spending their holiday there. Besides spending a holiday, visiting a Muay Thai training camp is a must if you want to really experience this martial art. Muay Thai is equally practiced both by men and women. In the past, only men practiced the sport but over the years it has become very popular amongst the women. There are lots of training camps that accept women in Thailand. It is not a taboo anymore, and there are also places where you can practice Muay Thai with fellow foreigners.
Muay Thai

Everyone has a different motive for practicing Muay Thai. Somebody is trying the sport while spending holiday in Thailand, while others want to become serious fighters. Most of the women that practice Muay Thai are doing so with a purpose to get fit, tone their body or lose some weight. Self-defense is also one big reason why people are practicing this martial art. Women are getting better and better Muay Thai fighters every day, so some of the women also practice in order to fight professionally. In some cities across Thailand you can find places where women go on hard Muay Thai training and have fights every week. Most of these fights are for entertainment and not so professional. However, you can still find some fights between international and local women in some cities in Thailand. Female Muay Thai was not allowed in the past, but in the recent times it is gaining its popularity. The two biggest places for Muay Thai fights in Thailand are Rajadaman and Lumpinee, but those stadiums allow only men to fight.
Today, professional Muay Thai is widely recognized and the only difference between men and women fights is the duration of the rounds. However, in order to get a fight you must first go to a grueling training in some camp in Thailand. If you are just starting with this sport, it is advisable to spend a couple of week's holiday in Thailand and visit a training camp. That way you will gain the necessary experience, and your skills and technique will significantly improve. Focus on training camps that accept foreigners and you can find a great camp in the jungle or by the beach. Training camp that is open to foreigners would be more receptive to the idea of women training Muay Thai. There is a camp designed for every pocket in Thailand. A good thing to do is to do a little research before you decide to spend your holiday in Thailand. Explore and compare different camps, and read some testimonials. You will find many likeminded people, so you would have no problems adapting. Thailand is the place to be when it comes to spending a holiday and training Muay Thai.

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