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BestMuayThai News: 2015-06-04

The news of Suwit muay thai by on June 04
Muay Thai Good for Health
The world is striving towards fitness and being fit has become a great asset to millions of people in this modern world. This trait can be traced back to the ancient times where our ancestors had lots to do in physical. Technological advancements have made man a lazy creature. In this context, being fit and fitness exercises have gained popularity. There are many forms of fitness exercises. A simple everyday hit to the gym also can ensure fitness. But, how about shedding extra pounds and becoming fit with the help of a self-defense sport? Well, I may be sounding a bit unreal.
Muay Thai

I am sorry, but, I am not. There is a way which will ensure the same fitness that you get in a gym with this form of sport. Here I am talking about a thousand year old, originated in Thailand, a form of martial art known as 'Muay Thai' . This exercise or sport involves a self-defense technique that utilizes the fists, arms and feet of the player. It can sometimes be related closely to kick-boxing. Muay Thai is common in both men and women. Women are also allowed and encouraged so that they can protect themselves from any bad. The sport requires extreme training that ultimately assures fitness and good health. If you are fit, health will improve automatically. The striking difference between the regular gym exercise and Muay Thai is that in a gym one will be used to a particular movement over a period of time. This will adapt the body to move only towards that particular way, whereas in Muay Thai there is a complete movement in all directions. The body doesn't get accustomed to only one kind of movement. Basically, martial art says that you can twist and turn your body in any way. This will help strengthen muscles. The body will be stretched and ligaments will be strong all throughout your life.
There are many hidden benefits associated with this form of exercise; some of the top ones are penned below:
-Great Physique: Attaining a beauty in physique is all that is expected from any fitness exercise. Muay Thai alone can help you achieve that as the sport involves complete body movement. The body gets toned proportionally and you look a cut out fit piece.
-It helps you attain mental peace; very important factor to have a good life.
-It helps improve your immunity.
-Cardio-vascular problems can be kept at bay.
In other words, Muay Thai is what your body needs. Refrain yourselves from being unfit and regain your confidence.

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