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BestMuayThai News: 2015-04-13

The news of Suwit muay thai by on April 13
Muay Thai continues to be popular around the world
Historically, Muay Thai has been around since the fifteenth century and can be traced back to the time of King Nareusan, who was captured by the Burmese between the numerous battles between Burma and Siam. Interestingly, the King was was very accomplished in combat and Burma offered him the chance to fight his way to freedom as they were aware of his combat expertise.
Muay Thai

Naturally, he won the fight and his ticket to freedom; the style of combat was referred to as Siamese-style boxing and latterly, it's present name - Muay Thai.
It grew in popularity not least because it was used as an effective technique by many during times of battle, and it grew to be so well known, that and there were frequent contests with spectators, which soon became an integral part of celebrations.
Today, Muay Thai continues to be popular and subsequently it is included in many sporting events around the world.
There are many opportunities to take up Muay Thai training thanks to its popularity and the numerous classes which are offered around the world. Of course, one of the best places to train is at one of the training camps in Thailand.
Indeed, the health benefits and positive effect on both well being and physique means that women are increasingly turning to this popular sport and are travelling to Thailand for the sole purpose of training.
There are two certain techniques when it comes to practicing Muay Thai; the major technique (Mae mai) and the minor technique (luk mai). The entire body is often used in this style of boxing, and training for professional events is often intense - this is typically referred to as body conditioning.
The health benefits of undertaking Muay Thai are countless; the art of the sport and necessary training means that cardiovascular, speed and agility are greatly improved which leads to improved physique and both physical and mental endurance.
It requires one to be focused and to strengthen self endurance, which leads to improved confidence - indeed, these attributes lead to participants feeling spiritual and many find the sport to lead to inner calm and peacefulness.
As previously mentioned, there are countless opportunities to undertake Muay Thai training in one of the numerous training camps in Thailand. In fact, many travellers, both women and men are visiting Thailand for the purpose of joining one of these camps and tourists are increasingly turning to this popular style of boxing thanks to the numerous health benefits and increased mental well being to which it is associated.
It is hardly surprising, given the countless health benefits and opportunity to lose weight and improve physique, that women are turning to the sport to effectively manage weight and increase fitness, which when combined with the mental aspect of the sport, leads to overall improved health and mental well being.
The training camps and opportunities to be involved with the sport all over Thailand means many visitors and tourists will combine Muay Thai training with their holiday - naturally popular tourist destinations in Thailand will almost certainly present opportunities for tourists to learn more about Muay Thai.
In summary, Muay Thai is a fascinating sport which leads to increased fitness and health, helps to lose weight, improves inner strength and overall physical and mental well being.

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