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BestMuayThai News: 2015-04-11

The news of Suwit muay thai by on April 11
General fitness and staying in shape with Muay Thai
General fitness and staying in shape has become a part of our day to day lives. Many years ago, the importance attached to these was not so much, but as decades turned, and with the invention and acceptance of fast/junk food, the need to stay in shape has suddenly become a priority. Those carbs need to be burned, as we need to remain healthy.
Muay Thai

As women, it is even more important to stay in shape as our society largely requires it as a scale for measuring attractiveness. Personally, I am all for the "you are beautiful just the way you are" and the likes but there is no denying the scientifically determined benefits of physical fitness and staying in shape when you look at it statistically.
There are several different ways to become and stay physically fit, different kinds of processes and exercises. All useful in their own way but what I can say categorically, is that muay thai training is the very best way I have seen yet. Take a good look at a typical thai boxer's body, what other sport can compare? They have lean, non fat bodies. All muay thai fighters look the same. That is proof. That is why muay thai induced physical fitness is second to none.
Big and heavy lifting does not work in muay thai. Doing muay thai for fitness is the most sure way to stay in shape. Emphasis on "stay" as that is the major benefit of muay thai training. Here is what Master Todd had to say about it.
By doing muay thai for fitness, your physical fitness lasts for years. Think about it, if you train consistently for a period of time, you can decide to quit abruptly without much concern about a drastic increase in weight due to rapid fat accumulation.
As women, the best place to train muay thai is in its country of origin, Thailand. This is because, Thailand is a fully prepped for it and it is also very accommodating to foreigners. As a matter of fact, Bangkok is the number one tourist destination in the world currently. What better place to train muay thai than at its roots? I bet you would achieve a whole lot more here, than anywhere else in the world. What better way to achieve physical fitness and stay in shape than mixing it up with a little leisure? It takes the edge and the pressure off.
Have a little fun while the staying in shape why don't ya! Thailand is beautiful with white sand beaches and a tradition so unique; you could be lost in it. With muay thai training camps scattered all around the land mass, I bet there is one very close to your travel city of choice.

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