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BestMuayThai News: 2015-03-04

The news of Suwit muay thai by on March 04
Health and Muay Thai
Physical exercise is an important factor in maintaining health amongst other things. Whether it is eating right, adequate rest, regularly medical checkup, it would't be complete without physical exercise. There are several ways to keep in shape, running, walking, playing sports like tennis, soccer, cricket, baseball. Aerobic exercises are also a new fad. Martial art is also another means.
Muay Thai

Let us talk about this for a moment; there are several types of martial art techniques practiced by different cultures. Jiujutsu has Brazilian origin, Kungfu, Chinese, taekwondo, Korean and Muay Thai of Thailand. All these are suitable activities to cover the exercise bit of your full master plan of maintaining health. You can choose to practice whichever is of interest to you but Muay thai is where my interest lies.
Nicknamed the art of eight limbs means Muay Thai is no joke. Contact and striking is made using the fists, elbows, knees and feet. It also entails grappling. It is a full body contact martial art form. It covers the four basic exercises.
Exercise has four basic classes.
1. Strength based
2. Endurance based
3. Balance based
4. Flexibility based
Strength is the foundation of nearly all physique and performance goals. When you are strong, you easily gain muscle size which in turn aids weight loss because you convert fat deposits to muscle. The best strength exercises are the squat, dead lift, bench press and shoulder press.
Aerobic training usually covers endurance. Endurance is of two categories, general and specific endurance. An athlete who has mastered endurance is usually the one who executes technique consistently and effectively with the least effort. Common endurance training methods are; periodization, intervals, hard-easy and long-slow distance.
Balance can be improved by weight shifts by standing on one leg. You can then lift weights. Dumbbells are perfect.
Flexibility exercises are, neck stretch, shoulder stretch, shoulder and upper arm raise, upper body stretch, chest stretch, back stretch, ankle stretch etc.
Now that you know and understand the four exercise types, the point I am trying to make is that Muay Thai training comfortably covers all. It’s one of the very few physical exercising regimes that won’t need you to train for each type separately.
Where can you practice muay thai? There are training camps all over the world but the best ones are located in its country of origin, Thailand. When you are planning your next vacation, let Thailand be your destination. Bangkok is currently the most visited city in the world with the highest annual number of tourists annually. So it's a no brainer.
It should be noted that this is not peculiar to men alone; women can participate as much as they would like and I encourage it. Weight loss and staying in shape is no respecter of sexes.

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