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BestMuayThai News: 2015-02-16

The news of Suwit muay thai by on February 16th
Why Suwit Muay Thai is Best place for learning this sport
Thailand is the place where Muay Thai took birth, it is the place where Muay Thai nurtured and grown up to be one of the most effective and lethal combat martial art which is widely played as a sport and for self-defence. Nowadays you can find Muay Thai camps, training centres and gyms in almost every city and country but most of them are just hokum. Many frauds take half of the training and start their own gym or training centre in order to cheat people. These people teach incorrect form and moves and call them Muay Thai. That is not Muay Thai, that's a crazy imitation of a world class art. If you are sceptic whether the local training centre is not teaching authentic Muay Thai and you're rich enough to afford a trip to Suwit Muay Thai and learn authentic Muay Thai then here are some reasons which will tell you why Thailand is best place to learn Muay Thai. Muay Thai

1. Authentic Muay Thai Training
Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand because it originated there, so if you want authenticity then Thailand is the best place to get it from. All the top Muay Thai training centres in Thailand, teach authentic Muay Thai. They have experienced and certified instructors and also do it in safe way.
2. Massages to Recover Muscles
Ok let's get to the point. Going to Thailand and not taking massages is like going to America and not visiting Statue of Liberty. Bangkok has thousands of Massage parlours offering massages at as cheap as $15, these massages can help your muscles relax and you can train much harder during next session.
3. There are Lots of Muay Thai Camps
Finding a proper Muay Thai gym in other countries is a very tough task, but not in Thailand. Since Muay Thai originated here and is the national sport, there are high number of Muay Thai camps and gyms with all required equipment's and experienced instructors. You can easily find one nearby your hotel and start training.
4. Thai Culture is a Treat
Thailand has a culture of its own, which is unique and different from the whole world. If you decide to take up Muay Thai training in Thailand, then you can get a chance to explore their wonderful culture along with world-class training.
5. Watch Professional Muay Thai fights
Apart from training, you can also go out at weekends to watch professional Muay Thai fights. Watching professional fighters fight will help you get more knowledge about the sport and will also help you learn some tactics and tricks which professionals use to defeat their opponents. Also its fun to watch a Muay Thai fight.

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