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BestMuayThai News: 2015-01-31

The news of Suwit muay thai by on January 31st
Types of Kicks used during Muay Thai
Since Muay Thai is also called Thai Kickboxing, It is obvious that it will contain different kicking styles and techniques. Today we will be exploring that area in this article, recently I wrote a similar article about punching in Muay Thai, this one is similar but the only difference is that we will be talking about different kicking techniques in Muay Thai, so without wasting time, let's begin.
Muay Thai

Types of Kicks in Muay Thai
Straight Kick
As the name suggests, this kicking technique involves kicking straight ahead. The fighter stands in his regular stance with his dominant leg behind and other leg forward. By lifting the dominant leg straight up forming a range of motion, until it is parallel to the ground. This is a basic kick and can be seen in every Muay Thai match. After delivering the kick to the opponent, the leg goes back in same orientation and lies on it's original place. These kicks are aimed at lower body of opponent or at the core region.
Roundhouse Kick
One of the most famous names in Martial arts. Roundhouse kick is another common move which you'll see performed by fighters. Apart from other martial arts, the method of Roundhouse kick used in Muay Thai is a bit unique and different. The Muay Thai roundhouse kick is used different variations or levels (low, mid and high) to inflict damage to different parts of opponents body. The low kick is usually aimed at the thigh and the area above the knee joint with a purpose of weakening the leg. Muay Thai fighters usually kick the same region again and again in order to weaken the part. The mid range roundhouse kicks are aimed at hip joint and can damage the hips and liver. The high kicks are generally aimed at the head and neck of the opponent and have been a cause of knockouts in many tournaments.
Diagonal Kick
Also known as the semi-circular kick, it actually is a lot similar to the roundhouse kick or 45 degree roundhouse kick. This is the most popular kick in kick-boxing and Muay Thai. The reason behind its fame is because this is a versatile kick and can be used in any situation. This kick can also be aimed at any body part and can prove to be a lifesaver in certain situations.

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