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BestMuayThai News: 2015-01-20

The news of Suwit muay thai by on January 20th
History of Muay Thai Sport
Nowadays, many people have taken interest in this sport called Muay Thai from Thailand not only as a spectator sport, but also as a means to lose weight. Many have joined Muay Thai training camps to learn this sport. However, before you learn the practical aspect of Muay Thai, it is best to have some background information about this sport.
Muay Thai

Early Beginnings
Muay Thai was originally known simply as "muay" in Thailand. It was initially developed as a fighting technique in warfare during the 19th century. During this time, Thailand was under the rule of King Rama V who had expressed much interest in Muay. He promoted it as a way to keep his troops in tip-top shape, even if the country was at peace. As a result, Muay was known as a form of personal exercise, and a means of self-defense.
Over the years, under the tutelage of King Rama VII, Muay Thai became a more organized sport. He initiated the construction of the first boxing ring in Thailand in 1921. He made the sport more regulated by including referees and by timing the rounds by kick.
Modernization in the 20th century
By 1993, Muay Thai became a sport that took Thailand and the world by storm. As a result, the International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur, which is known also as the IFMA, was founded. Since then, 128 countries have joined this federation, and they have been holding competitions regularly. In 2014, Muay Thai became a member of the International World Games Association and is set to be part of the World Games in 2017.
More Than Just a Sport
As Muay Thai has gained popularity as a combat sport, many have also taken interest in it as a form of exercise. Similar to boxing, it is a healthy form of exercise because it works out your whole body. Not only does it allow you to lose weight, you also learn some self-defense techniques that can be really useful for the rare chance that you might encounter some danger. If you are serious about this sport, you can join Muay Thai camps where you can receive Muay Thai training. If your goal is to lose weight, Muay Thai will allow you to achieve this in a healthy way. It's truly a fun, healthy and educational way to get fit and strong.

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