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BestMuayThai News: 2014-10-13

The news of Suwit muay thai by on October 13
Muay Thai

Raise the reward to six hundred thousand for the Muay Thai fight of Sian and Sarawat
This is not ordinary fight of the extra retro fight of Sarawatleab Log 3 and Sianball NakronplengUdon which has already give placed a deposit. Now, the bet raise to six hundred thousand after two staff from both sides are confidence and carrying extra money to play. Sinkkasem Banpollameongdee said this fight has many interesting flow stronger than expected because now there is a lot to talk about this boxing. Sarawatleab prepare to practice at Morakot gym for several days to attend in Kiattipetch+Khek P.K. war on 4 November at Lumpini Muay Thai stadium.
The retro boxing come back to make a flow and receive the same attention from Muay Thai fans in Thailand in the fight of Sarawatleab Log 3 abd Sianball NakronplengUdon in the weight 74 kg with four hundred thousand baht bet as an extra match in Kiattipetch+Khek P.K. war on 4 November at Lumpini Muay Thai stadium. This match was set gambled so they have a secret practice for receive the reward and have a high likely to increase the reward.
Now, Sinkkasem Banpollameongdee, a promoter in this time revel with Muay Siam that he does not believe the flow of this retro match receive is stronger than expected. Muay Thai fans in Thailand have a question for this match that they will have a real fight or not and I can confirm they will fight actually because we already place the bet and Sarawatleab preparing to practicing at Morakot Muay thai camp of Jatui Sangmorakot for several days so his body is good. Now they raise up the reward to six hundred thousand baht in the same weight 74 kg and do not have to complain about the weight again.
"The bet was increased to six hundred thousand baht for the fight of Sarawatleab and Sianball. This fight is not an ordinary fight. If the flow of retro boxing is strong, Muay Thai fans in Thailand want to see, there are many high likely to see again in the future. We can hold it again if there are the right matches in the right weight and the reward for fight" Sinkkasem reveal.
Sarawatleab want to teach Muay Thai boran in his muay thai camp . Now he is training Muay Thai to loss weight . Because his fitness is not good . He plan to train Muay Thai for 3 months and fight in every weeks .

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