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BestMuayThai News: 2014-09-30

The news of Suwit muay thai by on September 30
Muay Thai

How to Prepare Your Body for Muay Thai
If you are thinking Muay Thai as a piece of cake then I'm sorry to break this dilemma but the truth is that Muay Thai is not child's play. Your body must be prepared for the intense training and hard work which you are going to go through in coming weeks when you leave for Thailand. As you are going to spend a big amount of money on your Muay Thai trip to Thailand, you won't want it to get down the drain. So you must prepare your body for the training beforehand.
1. Go Jogging
Wake up early and by early I mean before the sun rises, wear your running shoes and just let it go. You can either jog or brisk walk or if your fitness level is more than an average person then you can also go running. The motive behind this is to prepare you for cardiovascular movements and to increase your stamina. This will also help lose some pounds before you hit the camp.
2. Swimming
If you are a Swimmer and not a runner then you can substitute running with swimming, but I still prefer jogging. Swimming will build the stamina but jogging will also help you build leg strength and that will help you in kicks. If you chose swimming over running then despite of that I will recommend to add a few minutes of running to your routine.
3. Strength Workout
Hit the gym, pick up some dumbbells and pump those muscles up. Focus on strength training rather than building muscle cuts or big-biceps. In strength training we use heavy weights (according to your fitness level and taking safety in account) and do compound movements, ask your gym trainer for that.
4. Shadow Boxing - Diet
Shadow Boxing is an exercise when will perform kicks, punches, jabs, uppercuts etc. solo. You don't need an opponent or a fighting mat, you can perform this anywhere and this helps you to prepare you mentally. Also cut fizzy drinks, sweet chocolates and junk food from your diet and include more fruits and vegetables along with whole wheat and chicken in your diet. Also avoid fatty foods and Alcohol.
These are some pre-training tips which you must follow before starting Muay Thai training. These are just some pre-training tips, for advance Muay Thai workouts and diet you must consult your Muay Thai camp instructor.

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