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BestMuayThai News: 2014-09-29

The news of Suwit muay thai by on September 29
Muay Thai

Important Lifestyle Changes to Make when Learn Muay Thai
When you leave your house and are one the verge of being a Muay Thai fighter, there are certain lifestyle changes which you must make right for the day one. You won't like all the hard work and money which you spent for traveling to Thailand, accommodation and for taking Muay Thai lessons in a camp, go to waste. In this article I will talk about those important changes which you must make in your lifestyle during the time you are training for Muay Thai.
Early to Bed
You might be a night man but when you are training Muay Thai, you must take good amount of sleep. Sleep is the time when your body recuperates itself and all the damaged muscle tissues heal themselves. Sleep gives you power to train another day. I know you are in Thailand and maybe prefer to wake nights and party but keep in mind that you are here for a purpose and that is most important. You can Party later.
No to Alcohol
Consuming Alcohol and other drugs will decrease the ability of your body and will make you weak. The constant hangover will make your head ache and you won't be able to concentrate on your training and might end up sleeping the whole day. Alcohol is injurious to health and is equivalent to a sin for a Muay Thai fighter. Try to Avoid it.
Balanced Diet
No more junk food, no more pizza, burgers etc. When you work hard at Muay Thai camp, your body need something healthy which can help it recover faster and is nourishing. Junk food is high in calories and is fatty and too much junk food will make you fat and unfit. I'm not telling you to completely eliminate junk food, you can still have it once a week but try to avoid it as much as possible.
Now that you are a fighter, you must be in shape all the time. If you are not fit then you won’t be able to fight and game over. To progress faster as a fighter, you must be fit all the time.
You may have short temper but you'll have to change that. Remember you are a sports person and not a goon. Keep your temper low and take Muay Thai as a sport and the fight as a game, it's not war. Also you won't become a champion overnight, it takes years to master any sport and that goes for Muay Thai as well.

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