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BestMuayThai News: 2014-08-31

The news of Suwit muay thai by on August 31
Muay Thai

How to Keep Yourself Motivated when Learning Muay Thai in Thailand
Motivation is very important for the long run, if you aren't motivated then soon you'll find yourself giving up on it. Muay Thai is not a piece of cake, it requires time and lots of practice to master, so to continue it for a long time, you'll need to fuel up tank with lots of motivation and confidence. Motivation helps you in keep going and confidence helps you stay positive and also makes you learn faster and better. If you want to pursue Muay Thai for a long run then start motivating yourself.

1. Watch Muay Thai Fights
The best and easiest source of pure motivation with a spice of thrill can be availed by watching pro Muay Thai boxers fight, you can either buy DVD's of Muay Thai Boxing or search YouTube for videos of Muay Thai fights. Watch them on regular basis, this will shoot your motivation level up and every time you'll go to the Muay Thai camp, you'll feel a new energy and positive attitude in yourself.
2. Read Success Stories or Biographies of Muay Thai Boxers or Watch Documentaries
Success stories or Biographies often contain the life of the Muay Thai fighter, it contains the struggle he went through and the hard work he practiced for gaining success. These type of stories are really motivating and helps you focus better.
3. Observe Experienced Fighters from Your Camp
Every Muay Thai camp has some veterans, experienced fighters with amazing skills etc. go to them and have a small talk, learn from them, get some tips, ask them to help you or just observe them. There are a lot of things which you learn from them, see what they do when they enter the camp, how they practice, how the fight, how they work out, what they eat etc. Some small things can help you improve your technique.
4. Talk to Yourself
Stand in front of a mirror and talk positive to yourself, don't take this as a joke, I'm serious. Motivate yourself, challenge yourself, compete with yourself, tell yourself that you will conquer your goals in the given time, call yourself a winner. Look into your eyes and motivate yourself. This technique really works, practice daily.

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