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BestMuayThai News: 2014-08-20

The 2nd news of Suwit muay thai by on August 20th
The big fight of "Mr.Mhor" to show nobility
"Mr.Mhor" consultant with an important Chef Buntham Pakphor already about the big fight of Super fight on Wednesday 10th September 2014. There will have an announcement at 26th August at the high-end famous Japanese restaurant "Hor mono Sushi". All boxers should prepare themselves. Mr.Mai Bangkapi will come to this event as the head of new power group and will support million boxing.
There have an announcement at night "Mr. Mhor" Chujarern Raweearamwong, a great promoter at Radchadamneon who ready to held the first million in three years on 10th September in the name "Chujarern Muay Thai War & Chef Buntham" because this time we have the world cooking chef, Buntham Pakpor to be the support Mr.Mhor to work. Now, there are plan to promote by have an announcement to reveal the name of staff, supporter and boxing list on Tuesday 26 August at famous Japanese restaurant "Hor mono Sushi" located on Thonglor.

How to Choose the Right Muay Thai Training Camp?
Muay Thai is a sport that is practiced around the world. According to some statistics there are Muay Thai schools in more than 100 countries. The classes they are offering are visited by people of all profiles and ages. The Thai national sport is popular for different things – some people look at it as a way to lose extra weight while others like it because it can improve the health and the physical preparedness. Just like any other combat sport, Muay Thai can bring a lot of benefits.
If you are interested in practicing Muay Thai than you can either do it at home or join a school. We won’t suggest doing this at home because these training classes require much space, equipment and professional supervision. Instead of wasting your time at home we suggest you visit a specialized school or camp as they are called in Thailand. There are many Muay Thai camps there and if you choose the one that suits your needs you can expect results fast. So first of all decide why do you want to join a Muay Thai camp? Is it because you need to improve your fitness level or you are looking for an effective self defense technique. When you know what your goal is you will find a camp much easier. You can check the camp’s website and see if that is what you are looking for. You can also check them while you are in Thailand. Try to see if the trainers and the students match your own profile. Many schools have separate programs adjusted to different profiles of students.

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