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BestMuayThai News: 2014-07-29

The news of Suwit muay thai by on July 29
Muay Thai

"Kem" challenge "Yodwicha" with two million baht
Kem Songpeenong wants to fight after finish and win the fight with Singmanee Keawsamrit Muay Thai training camp by use his knee. Its make Singmanee knock in the two rounds and admit to heal his nose in the hospital at Macau. Kem ready to fight with junior boxers, Yodwicha P.bunsit Muay Thai training camp with a reward two million baht but he ask to fight in only weight 147 pounds, not less than this weight. If Yodwicha let this weight, Kem ready to fight anytime in Thailand .
He makes a reputation as a leading and international boxer at the end of last year and in this fight, Kem Songpeenong uses his knee to knock Singmanee Keawsamrit Muay Thai camp .

Your Guide to Joining a Muay Thai Camp
It seems that in the past 3 decades the world (especially the Western world) has acknowledged the benefits of martial art training. Martial art today is viewed as something more than fighting technique, it is used for meditation, sport or fitness practice. Muay Thai is one of these martial arts in which people show great interest. Muay Thai can also be viewed as a combat sport. Those who don’t know anything about this beautiful sport originating from Thailand will probably find it similar to kickboxing although this is a separate sport with different rules. This sport activity involves every part of the body because during the training process, students use series of kicking and punching techniques (using the 8 limbs). This means that Muay Thai is a powerful exercise for every muscle on our body.
Since Muay Thai originates from Thailand there is no better place to learn it. On top of that, Muay Thai has a status of national sport in Thailand and nowadays it is part of Thai culture. The interesting part is that people in Thailand have preserved some authentic Muay Thai techniques for centuries and this is certainly something that you can’t learn on any other place in the world. The trainers are trying to keep the authenticity of the sport and those who choose Thailand as their base for Muay Thai will have a truly remarkable experience. This sport is practiced even in elementary schools in Thailand and you can be sure that your trainer has the necessary experience to teach Muay Thai in a proper way. Thailand is the place that can help you understand and learn something more about Muay Thai and this is where you will understand that Muay Thai is more like a way of life not just a sport.

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