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BestMuayThai News: 2014-07-01

The news of Suwit muay thai by on July 01
Muay Thai

Send "Kanongsuek" to Max
Mr.Mo Krabi Red Hair sends the Champion of boxing, Kanongsuek Chuwattana Muay Thai training camp to "Max Muay Thai " after send Jomthong Chuwattana Muay Thai training camp to make the reputation as a Superstar of Max Muay Thai. Kanongsuek have the fight with foreign boxer on Sunday, 13th July at the Asiatique boxing stadium, Jarernkrung Road.
"Kanongsuek use to fight in Max program one time. He is equal but have an excite match. Now, Max contacts him to fight again on Sunday 13th July with foreign boxer but do not know the race. We are ready to join with Max. In the past, he sends my Jomthong to fight continued until he become a champion in tournament. I believe if he can do good work, Kanongsuek have a chance to be the superstar of Max Muay Thai tournament because he use to fight at Japan and China and the boxing fans that are already known him very well" Mr.Mo said on Sunday's evening.

Create and push "Rittewada" to fight in an important match
Chun Kiattipetch is not waiting when he see the good future boxer. If he can support anyone to be the great boxer, he will do it as well as the boxer from the northeastern, Surin, Rittewada Sittikul Muay Thai training camp who impressed boxing fans across the country when he can win Rungkiati Sagami on Sunday 29th June and have a skill equal as Thestar.
With countless masterpieces, Promotor Chun Kiattipetch is not stop to make the great boxer to boxing fans after see his form of Rittewada Sittikul. This form is catch Chun's eyes very much after he fights in Thailand and become the famous. Many promoters always do it.

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