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BestMuayThai News: 2014-06-19

The news of Suwit muay thai by on June 19th
Muay Thai
Today many women train Muay Thai to improve fitness and self defense .

Muay Thai or Thai boxing
"How great it will be if you get a fitness camp in your vacation in your favourite location?" It is hard to make enough time in our hectic life for our health and mental peace. So the moral value and hygienic condition of normal human are getting worse day by day. The best time a human can get is the vacation, day offs, holidays. Some people don't even get some rest in the whole year. But it is highly essential to make some time for you only, in the whole year so that you can get some time for your health and fitness. Our muay thai boxing camp is well designed with a attractive vacation plan makes it more popular in these days.
What it is?
Pahuyuth is another name for Muay thai boxing. Pahuyuth is abstracted from the Sanskrit word “bahu yuddhaâ€Â. Bahu yuddha means hand o hand combat without any weapons with martial art skills. This was popular for a unique combat technique. The Bahu Yuddha technique used in actual warfare .Bahu Yuddha is arranged in historical times in festival seasons to show power, strength and stamina. From that time it is grown as sports, Now Muay thai is a most popular sports in Thailand. The martial art sports getting more popular and now it is spread all over the world. Every year many tourists are migrating to learn and master the martial art .Because it has many positive corners and highly effective for fitness purpose.

Muay Thai Vs Lose Weight
Muay Thai is fantastic martial art in Thailand. It is good exercise to increase body strength, flexibility and gain muscle in proper manner. Nowadays, people in the world well knew Muay Thai kick boxing. Most of people are interesting to learn Muay Thai. Muay Thai is opening for men, women, adult and children. It is safe exercise for health people. Recent days, Muay Thai become more popular martial art sport in the world. Muay Thai kickboxing able to set up body metabolism to burn unwanted calories. It has helped you to against fat and lose weight. By practicing Muay Thai kickboxing people can see many progress of body building. Not only make you being strong, but also effective to boost body immune system.

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