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BestMuayThai News : 2014-05-30

The news of Suwit muay thai by
Photos and Videos of Student at Suwit muay thai in April & May , 2014 .
   Muay Thai training
There are many women to train in Suwit camp . Almost are beginner and they train for lose weight and exercise .

Muay Thai news in Thailand : "Norasink" come back to famous in two fights
After send the signal to fight in Muay Thai, Norasink Lukbanyai, the winner of Siam Sport Award guarantee about the preparedness of his body and mind for Muay Thai. He wants to prepare in two fights and will be come to his old position. He ensures to be famous again. Now, he just waits to fight.

How to Stop Weight Loss Quickly
Muay Thai become famous martial art sport in the world. It is good kick boxing sport for people who want to improve their fighting skill. Muay Thai can help people to develop their body strength, flexibility, fit stamina and reduce lose weight in short period of time. Muay thai can increase physical fitness and weight loss. Many people believe that Muay thai offer great physical benefits. Muay Thai can create highly physical sport and help people to lose weight and strength body muscle as well.
Muay thai help people to control and manage their body in good shape. All Muay Thai fighters should get used Muay Thai routines on regular basis with repetitive motion on legs and arms. Muay thai allows their fighter to kick and punch for strength and powerful. With Muay thai, it is possible for people to get good condition and stronger over time. Muay thai instills discipline and focus on every exercise. Muay Thai teach student in different strategies and technique of self attack and self defense. Muay thai will make people shaper and more focus. Muay thai will prevent people from impulsive decision and action.

Muay Thai – One Art Many Benefits
There are several fight arts that people practise for different purposes that may include sportsmanship, self-protection, and so on. One such art is Muay Thai – also known as Thai Boxing. Whereas other fight arts are limited due to several rules about usage of body parts, this is the only fight art, which is allowed to use 8 body limbs while hitting hard to the opponent in such a manner that bones of the opponent would be broken.

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