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BestMuayThai News : 2014-05-30

The news of Suwit muay thai by
Photos and Videos of Student at Suwit muay thai in April & May , 2014 .
   Muay Thai training
Michele from Italy is training by pad work . He train with us for 4 months and he can fight on the ring .

Muay Thai news in Thailand : "Nao" confirm Kunsuek is not fail
"Mr.Nao Wirat Washirattanawong leave a message to the header in gym that does not panic although the current situation is not as good as it should but he will try to give a list fight for all boxers and asked them to prepare for training. He confirms everyone will not fail in the last. When they come in the same family, then there are not neglected and help to each other as much as possible.

How to find a good Muay Thai camp
It is believed that Muay Thai has developed from several ancient martial art forms practiced in Southeast Asia. Literally meaning “Thai Boxing”, Muay Thai today is a combat sport and self-defense discipline in which participants don’t use any kind of weapon except own limbs.
People who are looking for a Muay Thai camp where they can learn Muay Thai should know that Thailand is the best destination for them. There are several hundred Muay Thai camps there and after all this is the “birthplace” of Muay Thai. But finding a good Muay Thai camp can sometimes be difficult especially if you are doing this for the first time in your life. Of course, everyone has different priorities and goals they wish to accomplish by practicing Muay Thai but there are few things that a Muay Thai camp must have no matter what your goal is.

Fighting Weight Loss in Muay Thai Training Camp
Many people come to Muay Thai training camps in Thailand to learn and practice Muay Thai kick boxing. You will get comfort and satisfy accommodation in Muay Thai training camps. The camps are especially designed for people who want to learn and practice Muay Thai kick boxing as well. Before you practice Muay Thai, you should practice some pre-exercise such as; running, jogging and skipping rope. All pre-exercise is useful to make your body flexible and relax. You can do the exercise at least 5 minutes before Muay Thai class begins. For people who are traveling in Thailand, it is advisable to take a time for Muay Thai kick boxing training while holiday season.

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Suwit Gym ( Muay Thai camp ) 15 Moo 1 , Choa Fa Rd , T. Chalong , A. Muang , Phuket , Thailand , 83000   
Tel . (66) 76 374313

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