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BestMuayThai News : 2014-01-13

Know Muay Thai: Inside Out
Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand, is a combat sport like few others. Fighters use their knees, elbows, shins and hands to implement bone-crushing strikes. It is a martial art bound by thousands of years of tradition and flourishes in a society that flocks to the stadiums and nearest TV screens to catch the fights, often wagering what little they may have in the hopes of cashing in on some high-figure baht (the Thai currency) payout.
Thai fighters often begin their professional lives in the sport at ages as young as five and six years old, stepping into the ring to fight as frequently as two times a month. It is not uncommon for veteran Thai fighters to conclude their careers with several hundred fights under their belt. Shins are toughened by rolling glass bottles across them, kicking banana trees, and a lifetime of conditioning. With round after round of Thai pads, clench work, heavy bag work, sparring and more frequent fighting than any other martial art, training regimens are grueling and yet simply become a part of the every day rhythms of a fighter’s life.

Support "Songkom" to fight
"Chor" Sandchenglek S.prasobchok ask though Aungmor and Otue if Songkom Srisuriyothin can win Wissanupron Suje the noodle, they should not forget to push him for the championship because his form is not bad while Surachai who will be fight in Jarumeoung muay thai War on 22 January is ready to beat the great boxer, Awutlek Kiattijarernchai.
Progress report Jarumeoung War on 22 January. There are many different Thai boxing style in addition to Jompichit Chuwattana fight with Beer Chockjamwong and the return fight of Songkom Srisuriyothin with Wissanupron Suje the noodle and Surachai Srisuriyothin with Awutlek Kiattichaijarern create the interest wave. All boxers are not meet before. I am ensuring this match is excited. On Thursday evening, the journalists have been revealed from "Chor" Sandchenglek S.prasobchok, the creater of quality boxer tells about the preparedness of Songkom and Surachai that they have a good preparedness and ready to fight. He asks the promoter Chun to push them for the championship once.

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