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BestMuayThai News : 2013-11-17

"Kingtong" confirm "Ploywittaya" is training muay thai every days .
"Kingtong" Winai Naksin warn muay thai fans in Thailand not look Ploywittaya Rodsurad muay thai camp is not bad because he is the onr of T.Pran 49 and win all fight but only his name is disadvantageous
"Kingtong" Winai a promoter of WanKingTong War Radchadamneon boxing ring will held the program again on 29 November at WigAir muay thai stadium said after he send Penneung T.Pran 49 training camp to fight with Ploywittaya Rodsurad muay thai camp in the importance match on Wan King Tong on 29 November at WigAir muay thai stadium. He said the Penneung win all the fight and shows his fresh form. He win all the past in T.Pran muay thai training camp . If you do not believe, you can see his statistics.
"I want to remind boxing fans do not see Ploywittaya is a bad boxer because Penneung T.Pran 49 muay thai training camp have a good fresh form and win all the fight but only his name is disadvantageous. I tell him to fight in the same weight 1 pound for the suitability and please boxing fans. It's can see the result sure" Kingtong said.

Sandchai P.K.Muay Thai Gym will win Yodwicha
Sandchai P.K.Muay Thai Gym reveal never loss in revenge fight even fight with Yodwicha P.bunsid. Although he worry about the shape but I am confident to win. Their match is held in Patchyindee war on 19 November by a promoter, Wirad Washirattanawong. The other match is the top boxer fight.
After meet with Yodwicha who have a longer shape and younger, Sandcha a boxer form Mahasarakam is quite worry but confident in the training and he never loss someone. "You can see my record, I loss Singdam, Petchbunshuu, Sakeddao etc. but when I have revenge fight with them, I can win all the time. Although the body of Yodwicha is trouble for me, I confident in myself and have a word to the committee look at the skill not the body. My body is very perfect. Sanchai confirm thai his training is good , then he will win Yodwicha again .

The 14th Phunsia muay thai tournament in Thailand of channel 7 requirement is below :
1. the present evidence for the real boxer 2. 2 inches photograph for 2 pictures and the full and half postcard photograph for each 1 picture 3. the ID copy card of the boxer for 1 picture 4. the copy of house registration for 1 picture 5. the boxer personal card for 1 picture with the book of real boxer 6. no age above 20 years old .
Every muay thai camps have the chance for registration on this Monday of this 4th November 2013 at the Army Club located at Wiphawadee Rangsit Road .

The referee of TV channel 7
The Aunt Mu or Somyod Arunmat or the vice referee of TV channel 7 accepted the work of channel 7 committees to give score for Singdam Chokkanna muay thai training camp to tie up with Toto Situubon camp because they viewed with their sights in this way. Then, this judgement is fair because of taking turn to have their talent performance for the couple boxer
After the committees judged Singdam Chokkanna muay thai training camp to tie up with Toto Situubon camp, it resulted in critics that they had been judged unfairly because of the less performance of Singdam for 7-1 score in the early of 4 rounds. However, Toto should be the winner because of his much performance , especially in his final round. On the other hand, the referees think that this couple boxer should be tie-up with no advantage to each other , so they have their good views that everyone should pay respect to the referees also.

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