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Question & information of Muay Thai camp

Why is Thailand so popular for muay thai training ?

Muay thai is the national sport and martial art of Thailand so it is obvious that it is very popular sport. There are more 10,000 full-time boxers in Thailand of a population of more than 60 million.Training in Thailand will get special experinence not only techniques.

Why we have to learn Muay-Thai at Suwit Gym ?

Suwit camp is the muaythai biggest camp in southern Thailand and the biggest gym in Phuket too. Suwit camp have 20 Muay-Thai boxers who have the match to fight in Phuket or Bangkok with other camps. Suwit Gym is original muay thai gym in Phuket , not like other foreigner oriented gyms or camps that operate only for foreiners that don't have real Thai fighters . If you learn here you will get the culture of real Muay Thai , not only good facility. We service training include accommodation .

Special : If you stay in my rooms ( at least 3 weeks training cost ) you will get a free ticket ( the prices are 900 - 2000 Baht ) to watch the real muay thai fighting in every Friday night , we are owner of Muay Thai stadium in my city . So you will save your money to watch muay thai and fun on every Friday night . The fighting at Suwit muay thai stadium is real fight on every Friday night .

Why we have to learn Muay-Thai from professional boxer ?

Art of defense of Thai boxing is the standard to transmit from a trainer who has high experience more than practice by you. Also, the most necessary thing to learn Thailand boxing is to understand a philosophy and science due to understanding of art not to be violence if anyone are not interested in art of defense will not be able to win.

Now, we have boxer, term Leader and Trainers who take care with practice within Training Camps and we will give advice and special technique to improve yourself.

Why does name SuWit Camp ?

Because owner is Mr. Suwit ( Thai people ) and he is promoter and owner of Muay Thai stadium too . The real muay thai camps use the owner name to be name of camp . It is a culture for name of muay thai camp .

First Mr. Suwit have opend muay thai camp for Thai people since 20 year ago , then must use his name . It is easy for Thai people to read , becuase Thai people are not good in English . If use English name , it is not for teach for Thai fighters .

How is the efficiency of equipment ?

We provide all the necessary equipment which used for practicing. Moreover , we have 2 canvases ( the boxing rings ) which can support all the interested people and we also provide the fitness eqipment for you. Don't worry about the cleanness because of we separate the training equipment for foreigners from our Thai boxers.

If you want to have your private equipment , you can buy from us.

How about accommodations ?

We have room for rent in our camp *fan and bed

Price 400 baht per day

Price 6,000 baht per month

Bungalow with air-conditioned surrounded with nature far from camp about half kilometer

Price 1,200 baht per day

More detail : Accommondation

How to go for sight seeing around Phuket

- A Motorbike for rent is 200 baht per day , car 1,000 baht per day

- Taxi Service

If you stay for a long time , we suggest you to rent a motorbike or car which we provide in the price above.

How much do we have to spend per day ?

You can cut cost for spending in each day if you stay around the camp area and rent a car or motorbike . It's much cheaper than staying in the hotels along the beach. It costs 50 baht per meal and not over 50 baht for a motorbike 's fule one day trip.

How to get to the boxing camp ?

When you arrive to Phuket airport or Phuket terminal , we will pick up you to the boxing camp and cost you in the cheaper price than taxi. you just have to inform how long you attend the training by email to us before you come. And if you stay in the hotels in Phuket, you can look up from a map where to drive to the camp. If you come by taxi, you should tell him to go to Suwit boxing camp at Chalong district, three intersection to Phalai , on the way to Phuket Zoo. Or you can phone to 076374313    Print a Map to Gym

Can we practice in group ?

We have 2 boxing canvases so it's enough to serve you in group. Furthermore , we can provide food, bus transfer and accomodation for group. you can ask for more information at contact page or email us. We are welcome student from any camps to train.

Can we attend the standard boxing competition ?

The owner of this boxing camp is the boxing promoter at Phuket's boxing stadium and he is also owner of Khaolak's boxing stadium in Phang-Nga province. So we can let you to attend the real boxing competition if you have enough practice and yu can send the boxer to a competition by contact us.

Can females or childern train at boxing camp

We welcome females or childern to learn Muay Thai too.

What is Muay-Thai meaning?

Muay-Thai is the most popular sport in Thailand and different from another countries and is a self-defense. It's can be a weapon to heart someone same as a competition.

Muay-Thai is full of intricacies, techniques, tricks and tactics without any need to bring in external weapon.

Advantage and useful of learning Muay-Thai is

-Healthy of your body

To practice Muay-Thai is one type of sport and to prentice we need warming up exercise and massage the body to get good effect for your health and get stronger good shape if you prentice more often you will get pain threshold higher due to your body movement and weapon to protect your self.

-Value in mind

Muay-Thai is fight one by one and if your practice everyday you will get coverage, determination and self-confidence because Muay-Thai have several way tactics, tricks and techniques so you will be brilliant with fighting to competitor and more circumspect and similar without weapon to defense yourself and help you in emergency situation.

Moreover, Muay-Thai is an international sport which have international rules. So, nobody get and advantage and not to hit someone while he's down to the competitor, make dangerous so, we will often during the contest of Thai boxing in Thailand is at the end of the competition both of them will show sporting spirit and mutual forgiveness and no vindictive and accept the decide of committee.

-Value of Social Muay-Thai is the kind of sport which the competitor has to know grateful of wining or lose. It's makes the trainer will be good person is sociality in Thailand When the contest begin the boxer have to show respect for one's teachers to show the respectful, hold in high regard to the teacher or ancestors who teach Thai boxing to them.

This is a beautiful tradition depicting science gratitude Thai morality; Culture and good manner serves to enhance the progress of one's career.

Can you train MMA ?

Some of my trainer can train MMA about grapping or BJJ in beginner level, becuase he is not Professional MMA fighter . Because muay thai born in Thailand and compete everyday in Thailand then we are expert in Muay Thai ( Professional muay thai fighter ). Also MMA or BJJ does not born in Thailand and does not have compete every day in Thailand , then we are not expert MMA .

If you are good in Muay Thai , you can fight in MMA or any martial arts in the world . Because we sure that Muay Thai is number one of martial arts .

Suwit Gym ( Muay Thai camp ) 15 Moo 1 , Choa Fa Rd , T. Chalong , A. Muang , Phuket , Thailand , 83130   
Tel . (66) 76 374313

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