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Testimonial of training in Suwit Thai boxing camp.

Natalie , Canada , February 2010 , 2nd time
Canada woman fighter
I just finished a second stint at Suwit Muay Thai Gym and feel fantastic! I arrived this time around totally out of shape having not worked out seriously for more than 5 months but have left there bikini ready! I love the place.

Overall, the first time I arrived I had no idea what to expect but was suitably impressed. I had never even seen a Muay Thai fight before so it was all completely new to me. After a month I was addicted to the sport, and training hard and of course was in way better shape than I had ever been.

The facilities are fantastic. The rooms surpased my expectations! I stayed in the bungalows and was super satisfied with how clean, new and comfy my temporary home was. The pool at my doorstep was a bonus and especially welcome after the hard training sessions.

There are a lot of Muay Thai gyms in the area but Suwit has a lot of pluses people should consider. First off you work at your own pace. There are no group sessions and classes to follow. You warm up on your own and at your own level. Then, each session, after you are warmed up, you work with a Thai trainer doing pad work. There is no extra cost for this and it's real time with a dedicated and experienced Thai trainer. From what I understand, at other gyms, pad work is done with other people like yourself who are just learning or who are there to train themselves. This does not offer the same kind of training intensity for sure.

Second, Suwit Muay Thai has its own stadium where it hosts fights every Friday night. The stadium is attached to the gym so it's accessible too! The benefits of having your own stadium is that we get to watch real Muay Thai fights for free! None of the other gyms in the region have their own local stadium so their fights are hosted by a facillity in Patong. If you want to go see a fight you need to pay for your tickets (around 30+USD I think)!! Even if you want to support a friend or someone from your gym that you have been training with, you still need to pay! This is not the case at Suwit. If one of our boys or girls fight, we can all be there to support him/her at no extra cost.

Like other gyms, if you want to fight, they can get you one suitable to your level. I wasn't keen, I just wanted the training and that was totally fine too. You decide what you want to put in and get out of it. I wanted to get in shape and both times I left with some great memories, fantastic new mates and a fab new beach ready bod to boot! Happy Days for sure! I highly recommend it!

Frank , USA , March and April 2010
USA muay thai figters I recently spent seven weeks training at Suwit Muay Thai camp. I came with limited experience and a desire to improve my skills. Both the facilities and trainers are of the best quality.

My trainer JaRud pushed me to my limits twice a day everyday. He is a true professional and knows how to inspire and teach his students how to excel. Even though I believe JaRud is the best trainer, I had the opportunity to work with several trainers. They are all very skilled. The facilities gave me all the tools I needed to succeed.

I stayed in a room attached to the gym.The price for both accommodation and training was very affordable and cheaper than other camps in the area. It was always a pleasure to return to my very comfortable room after a tough day of training. I left Suwit a better Muay Thai fighter and a better person with a greater understanding of the art of Muay Thai and Thai culture.

I look forward to returning to Suwit in the future to continue my training and friendships I developed during my stay.

Marek Kraus , Germany , May 2010
Germany figters thank you for the stay in your Gym!

I have really enjoyed the spirit and the great atmosphere in the Suwit Muay Thai Gym. Suwit was the right choice as there you find very good quality of infrastructure (bungalows, gym) as well as a great quality of trainers. I learned a lot and met great people.

Kullen Manley , Christchurch, New Zealand , May 2010
New Zealand muay thai I lived and trained at Suwit Muay Thai camp in Phuket for one month, and had an amazing time there.
The training was great, and the trainers were very skillfull and professional. They were also easy-going and good fun to be around.
The social atmosphere at the gym was great as there was a mix of foreigners and Thai people to meet and hang out with. The pool and seating areas at the accomodation was perfect for relaxing after training, and for barbeques.
Also every friday was great for watching the free Muay Thai fight nights, and getting to see some real traditional Muay Thai fighting.
Overall Suwit gym is the best place to go to train in Phuket, its cheap and you get good training and will have an awesome time. I thoroughly reccomend this gym to anyone wanting to live and train Muay Thai in Phuket.

Muay Thai Camp & Boxing Training in Phuket, Thailand
Suwit Gym ( Muay Thai camp ) 15 Moo 1 , Choa Fa Rd , T. Chalong , A. Muang , Phuket , Thailand , 83130 
Tel . (66) 76 374313

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