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Muay Thai gym , Phuket Thailand

Phuket Information :

Phuket is Thailand's largest island (approximately the size of Singapore) and nestles against the Indian Ocean coast some 890km (556mi) south of Bangkok. Phuket is the only island having provincial status .Phuket is an island connected by bridges to southern Thailand which accesible by car . Phuket, Thailand, is commonly referred to as the 'Pearl of Andaman sea' and is a world famous tourist destination . Phuket is fringed with magnificent 16 long white sandy beaches, crystal blue seawater, relaxing tropical atmosphere and fresh seafood. It offers a wide range of superb hotels and resorts ensuring that your holiday is memorable.
Phuket Island can be located on a map between the Northern latitudes of 7' 45" and 8' 15" and between 98' 15" and 98' 40" West Longitude, The Andaman Sea being part of the Indian Ocean. Phuket, Thailand's largest islands, is surrounded by 32 smaller islands that form part of the same administration, with a total area of 570 square kilometers. Measured at its widest point, Phuket is 21.3 kilometers; at its longest, 48.7 kilometers. It is bounded thus:
   On the north: Lies the Pak Prah Strait, spanned by two bridges running side-by-side, the older Sarasin Bridge, and the newer Thao Thep Krasatri Bridge.
   On the South: Is the Andaman Sea.
   On the East: Is Ao Phang-nga Bay (In the jurisdiction mainly of Phang-nga Province).
   On the West: Is the Andaman Sea.

Major Area

The west coast of the island has some of the best beaches to be found anywhere.
   Patong can be described an ideal place to party and play. The famous bay and 4 km. beach is know as a centre of night entertainment with restaurants catering to every nationality.Live music can be found in most pubs and bars.
   Karon is Phuket's second largest beach with tiny sand dunes. The beach is less crowded and more natural. Large resort complexes line the road back of the beach, but the strand itself, long and broad, has no development. The sand is very white and squeaks audibly when walked on.
   Kata is very different in appearance and style from Karon and Patong Beaches. The beach itself is broad, gracefully curved, and bordered by low-rise structures. The waters are perfect for swimming, and include a vibrant and lively coral reef at the north end.
   Phuket Town has a population of fewer that 100,000. Phuket Town is an easy-going blend of the historic and the modern.
   Other beaches : Kamala Beach , Bang tao Beach , Palai Beach , Chalong Bay , Naiyang, Surin, Kamala, Nai Harn , Phromthep Cape and etc.
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Phuket International Airport

Phuket International Airport is in the North of Phuket Island, and the distance from the Phuket town .It may take about 1 hour by car to reach my gym. Phuket airport is the second largest in Thailand in terms of passenger volume. There are direct flights from Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Osaka , Australia and in the high season charter flights from Europe. Most other international flights arrive via Bangkok. Thai Airways is the largest Thai airline, but there are others . Thai Airways and other low cost airlines operates flights from Bangkok to Phuket daily , at least 15 dialy fights. The travel time is 1 hour 20 minutes from Bangkok . Thai Air Way is for flight information , schedule and reservation.

Travel by Motorbike

The warm balmy climate, the natural beauty of the island, and the winding mountain roads, all make Phuket a natural for cruising around on a motorbike. Motorbikes are the most common mode of transportation on the island. It is probably the easiest way to get around Phuket Island or any of the other beaches. Virtually all of the areas of the island you are likely to visit are accessible with an ordinary 2-wheel drive vehicle. The daily rental rate for the small motorbikes is 200 Baht per day .

Getting cash from Credit Cards

VISA and Mastercard works fine in the ATM machines you'll find everywhere in Phuket. You can also get money from the exchange windows. Credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in Thailand.

Visa for Thailand

Visitors from most Western Countries including Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand are granted a 30 day stay on arrival. Other nationals are required to produce a tourist visa and should contact a local Thai consulate for details. Visa regulations for long stay visitors change regularly. For more detailed visa information try the Thai Visa web site.


The Phuket is divided into three districts, Thalang in the north, Kathu in the west, and Muang in the south. Thailand's system of government relies upon a strong central authority, thus the Provincial Governor is a civil servant appointed by the Interior Ministry in Bangkok, as are the Nai Amphoe, or District Chief. The cities of Phuket and Patong have their own city governments, with elected city councils, the leading members of which serve as mayor. There are also elected provincial, district, and sub-district councils. The local constabulary is part of the Interior Ministry.


The weather of Phuket dominated by monsoon winds that blow year round. It is therefore always warm and humid. There are two distinct seasons, rainy and dry. The rainy season begins in May to October, during which the monsoon blows from the southwest. The dry season is from November through April, when the monsoon comes from the northeast. Highest average temperatures, at 33.4 degree Celsius, prevail during March. Lowest averages occur in January, when nightly lows dip to 22 degree Celsius.


Thailand?s timezone is GMT+7, seven hours ahead of GMT/UTC (London). Sweden and central europe belongs to GMT+1. Thus, when 17:00 in Phuket the time is 11:00 in Sweden and 10:00 in London.


The electric current is 220 Volt AC (50 cycles) throughout the country. There are many plugs and sockets in use. Travellers with shavers, tape recorders and other appliances should carry a plug-adapter kit. It's easy to find adapters in electronic shops for any international plug shape.


Song Karn (April) , Laguna Phuket Triathlon (October); Phuket Vegetarian Festival (October ); Patong Beach Carnival (November); King's Cup Regatta (December)

Medical Services

Phuket has 3 excellent International hospitals .


Some 50 countries maintain embassies, consulates or legations in Bangkok. Most are concentrated around the Sulkhumvit, Phloen Chit, Witthayu and Sathon Road areas. A complete list of such missions is featured in the Yellow Pages of the English edition of the Bangkok Telephone Directory.

Thailand Information

Thailand the land of smiles, where everyone is fun loving and happy go lucky and the country itself is as diverse and spectacular as the glossy postcards depict. It is a country where travel is reasonably cheap and there is something for everyone. A land where boredom has been forgotten, where the rain is warm, even pleasant and there is something for every taste or desire. Thailand, a land of contrasts, a land of genuinely beautiful people, a land that once visited can be revisited again and again and one will never tire of its diversity, spectacular scenery, friendliness and affordability. A land that really is Paradise.
   The Kingdom of Thailand, covering an area of 514,000 square kilometres, lies in the heart of Southeast Asia, roughly equidistant between India and China. It shares borders with Myanmar to the west and north, Lao P.D.R. to the north and northeast, Cambodia to the east and Malaysia to the south.
   Thailand has a population of about 60 million. Ethnic Thais form the majority, though the area has historically been a migratory crossroads, and thus strains of Mon, Khmer, Burmese, Lao, Malay, Indian and most strongly, Chinese stock produce a degree of ethnic diversity. Integration is such, however, that culturally and socially there is enormous unity.
   Thailand is one of the most strongly Buddhist countries in the world. The national religion is Theravada Buddhism, a branch of Hinayana Buddhism, practiced by more than 90 % of all Thais. The remainder of the population adheres to lslam, Christianity, Hinduism and other faiths - all of which are allowed full freedom of expression. Buddhism continues to cast strong influence on daily life. Senior monks are highly revered. Thus, in towns and villages, the temple (wat) is the heart of social and religious life.


Other interesting activities apart from Muay Thai in Phuket include city sightseeing, temples, swimming and diving, jet skiing, golf, shopping, cinema, Thai massage or Spa and elephant and snake show.

Cost of living

Living in Phuket is still much cheaper than living in the West. More information : Cost of living in Phuket


information VISA

Muay Thai Camp & Boxing Training in Phuket, Thailand
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